Kanadyjki i kajaki:
:: Amazonas 550
:: Maroni 360
:: Orinoko 470
:: Ukajali 482
:: Rio Negro 480
:: Ukajali 583

Łodzie wiosłowo - motorowe:
:: Bzura 612
:: Rio Grande 580
:: Ontario 360
:: Athabaska 450
:: Titicaca 470


NOWY PROJEKT - A new design: We have just finished testing a new design of a wooden canoe – see the photos.

WILANÓW - Photos from the canoeing trip in Wilanów coming soon!

TESTY - Testing – This time we tested our boat on the beautiful river Bug. Look at the photos in the gallery.

TESTY - Testing our boats is probably the most pleasant stage of the production. This time we went to a canoeing trip in the beautiful scenery of Czarna Hańcza. Please, look at the photos in the gallery.



We use the wood based technologies to produce the boats. The construction properties of wood combined with the modern wood preservation and protection techniques give us unlimited possibilities. Moreover, wooden boats are light, durable and have unique charm.


Stitched plywood technique.

The panels of the boat are cut to pattern from plywood. They are brought together and temporarily fastened with wire. Then the panels are glued together and the wire is removed. The whole boat is later laminated.
The ES Laminate (epoxy-glass laminate) protects the wood from the weather conditions and it gives the wood a great look. It makes the boat rigid, flexible, light and resistant to load.

Strip built technique.

The other boat building technique is strip building, when the strips of wood are glued over the ribs. The best way of preserving such boat is using epoxy-glass laminate. The maintenance is comparable to laminated yachts.